Maybe True もう二度と戻れない
Rainy Day 巡り逢う季節を抱きしめて歩いた

すれ違う人波に埋もれて 失いかけた心は

Lonely Hearts 泣かないで
Justy Blue 今君を この腕で僕が守るから

戸惑う視線 隠し切れずに 只うつむいた瞳は

こらえ切れずに こぼれる涙

君と描く夢を散りばめて 輝く空は
溢れ出した この想いも
そう きっと叶うから…

月夜にむせる薄れた影を 小さな胸に重ねて
声にならないつぶやきさえも 今は信じてゆける

君と夢の続きを探して 星降る夜は
忘れていた この願いも
そう 君に誓うから…


Maybe True - won't return for a second time
Passing through this night
Rainy Day - I want to embrace the season when we met, walking

I disagree, lost in the crowd, I lost my heart
You've always been at my side, smiling
You've been shining on the road

Lonely Hearts - don't cry!
If you fall back into sadness
Just Blue - because from now on I will protect you

A perplexed look, not hidden anymore I look down

I can't bear it anymore, tears overflow
Change it to a smile!

Enchanting the dreams I shared with you, the shining sky
As well as the overflowing memories
So they have to come true...

Lost in the moonlight night, sealing the dim shadows in my little chest
It's not a voice but merely a murmur, however, I believe it now

Searching for more dreams with you in the night of falling stars
I've forgotten everything, even my wish
Like I promised...