Q & A

Name: 弥生 (Yayoi)
Birth: 15 March
Constellation: pisces
Blood type: B
Hometown: Tokyo
Height: 168cm
Personality: as you imagine
Strong point: good-natured(Is this good? Laughing)
Weak point: moody temper, oversleeping
Wanted things: girlfriend, Western-style clothes, new car, equipment, silver accessories, the 3rd miniature dachshund (silver duffle)
Cigarette: Pianissimo one
Favourite: dogs, winter, room, cars, mugi and oolong tea
Hate: alcohol, being drunk, rain, summer, heroines of tragedies
Hobby: walking with the dog, car, shopping, and fishing
Music: Nakamura Atsushi, Mika Nakashima, BALZAC, and FUNGAS
Favorite type: Mayumi Sada, cheerful if it is possible to play the fool together
Brand: PPFM、SHOCKER, Algonquin, Canspa, Hisgra and BPN