La'miss†fairy Discography

Information Tracklisting
CD (Maxi-single)
Release date: 2001.10.31
Limited to: 10,000 copies
Original price: ¥1,800
1. SE -fairy tale-
2. ガラス細工の君と僕の声 (Glass saiku no kimi to boku no koe)
3. Virgin
4. Dress

First and last real release by La'miss†fairy, contains instrumental karaoke versions of all songs (except SE).

Information Tracklisting
Decadence 2002
CD (Various Artists)
Release date: 2002.03.14
4. La'miss†fairy - Virgin ~type AB~

Information Tracklisting
CD (Various Artists)
Release date: 2003.05.01
1. La'miss†fairy - Virgin ~type AB~
2. Nocturne